Pro Bono

What should Pro Bono be like in a law firm?

The Pro Bono work carried out by a law firm should be of important social significance and must be targeted.

A Pro Bono project cannot be implemented residually, this work must comply with the highest standards of legal assistance. For the employees of a law firm it is an opportunity to gain a unique experience by doing socially significant projects.

Some of our Pro Bono

Historically, S&K Vertical’s PRO BONO projects are among the firm’s best cases as to the complexity of legal work as well as public and professional resonance. S&K Vertical’s PRO BONO projects are noted by the Russian and international legal rankings.

In 2017 the Pro Bono project of S&K Vertical won the ranking taking the 1st place in an open vote among the audience and having received high appraisal from the experts of the ranking.

Irina Razina

S&K Vertical acted against the The First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after I.S.Pavlov, one of the leading medical universities in Russia, claiming compensation for the moral harm inflicted by medical malpractice during obstetric aid, which led to the  irreversible disability of the child and its eventual death, as well as the damage to the health of the mother. The circumstances of the case were so shocking, and the totality of the evidence gathered by our lawyers was so undeniable that the judge ruled to satisfy the plaintiff’s claim for moral damages in full, i.e. 15 million rubles. This judgment should be considered as a precedent, and a very encouraging one for those who suffered from the malpractice of doctors and are ready to defend their position. After all, until today, the moral harm was generally considered to be something symbolic. And the compensations were very symbolic as well.

The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre Foundation

Legal support of the Foundation. A few years ago the downtown of Moscow has obtained an ultramodern theater accessible to the city dwellers, representing the art of directing of the highest level. To make this possible, a special foundation has been created, which collected all the funds raised for the reconstruction, repairs and modernization of the theater’s infrastructure, namely, the repairs of the Large and Small Stages, as well as the workshop for making stage clothes and props, rehearsal rooms, warehouses, and for modern stage equipment and decorations, and for staging performances and social support of the employees of the theatre. To do all this, a large and labor-intensive legal work was needed. S&K Vertical’s lawyers have developed a project structure and carried out legal support for its implementation at all stages. Also, they provide full support for all the management procedures of the Foundation and supervise the proper flow of documents in it. In addition, S&K Vertical provides full legal support to the Foundation’s and the Theater’s sponsorship projects. We are proud that thanks to the work of S&K Vertical’s lawyers a new iconic cultural phenomenon has appeared in the centre of Moscow.

Joseph Brodsky Museum Foundation

Legal assistance to the Foundation. The Foundation aims to convert a communal apartment where the poet lived from 1955 till 1972 into a memorial museum and a cultural and social centrr for poetry, education and enlightenment. As lawyers we are doing our best to make it happen.

Ostrova charity Foundation

Legal support of the charitable foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to help people with a rare disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Over the years, the treatment of children with this diagnosis has not received sufficient attention. Only at the end of the twentieth century new federal and regional cystic fibrosis centres had started to be established in Russia.

All-Russian Nature Conservation Society

Legal support for the oldest environmental organization in Russia with 57 fully-functioning regional branches. S&K Vertical was engaged in the development of an effective structure of management bodies, the procedure for their formation, as well as for the legal support of election of legitimate governing bodies and approval of statutory documents. Within the framework of this project, we worked in a number of areas: formation of the documentary base and archive of the Society, the establishment of interaction between the regional offices and the head office. The legal support provided for the All-Russian Nature Protection Society allows the organization to effectively use its resources and potentially to fulfill the main objectives of the organization, that is protection of nature.

Anton tut ryadom (“Anton’s Right Here”) centre for creativity, education, training and social habilitation of adults with autism

Legal Support to the Anton Tut Ryadom (“Anton’s Right Here”) Centre for Creativity, Education, Training and Social Habilitation of Adults with Autism. The Foundation is doing projects related to the complex assistance to the people having autism-related disorders: from early intervention to assistance in employment, development of their potential and increase of society’s awareness about autism.

How to qualify for a free
legal assistance?

If you encounter difficulties in solving a socially significant project that needs legal support, but you do not have funds to pay for the work of lawyers, write to us.

We will try to review your request and provide you with an answer in the shortest possible time, assessing your problem and our free resources.

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