Moscow Region Duma Approved Punishment for Violation of Airport Use Rules. Commented by Yulia Andreeva on air of Vesti FM

5 june 2018 2018-06-5

The homeless will be fined at airports. Everyone else, who sleeps, reposes, litters, smells bad or stains others, will be fined too. Moscow Region Duma Approved Punishment for Violation of Airport Use Rules. And at once, there appeared the questions that even lawyers cannot answer. Sergey Artemov, Vesti FM reviewer, studied the issue in detail.

Now many things will be prohibited at airports. Actually, what the civilized people have not allowed themselves before - now it will be punishable by a fine. According to Oleg Grigoriev, the Chairman of the Dedicated Committee of the Moscow Region Duma, this measure is necessary, because very soon the airports, particularly the capital ones, will serve as a peculiar facade of the country.

Oleg Grigoriev

All in all, we have FIFA on the way - a great influx of tourists and fans will come to Moscow and Moscow region. Needless to say, that it is necessary to clean up air terminal zones, and air terminals.

According to the deputy's words, the Moscow region authorities decided to put things in order together.

The Ministry of Transport has drawn up "The Rules for Using Air Terminal Complexes and Airports Located in the Territory of the Moscow Region". Essentially, the Moscow Region Duma has just established the following responsibility: citizens will be punishable by a fine for violation of the rules - from 100 up to 500 roubles, officials - from 1,000 up to 2,000 roubles, legal entities - from 2,000 up to 4,000 roubles.

The largest fines will be imposed on taxi drivers, because the amendments effect refers not only to the buildings of airports, but also, as the document said, to the territories of safety zones not less than 30 meters around. Parking slots are situated just in this zone. And taxi drivers, who manage their business without any coordination with the airport administration, are automatically subject to punishment.

Ordinary passengers will be fined from 100 up to 500 roubles for sitting on the floor, littering, smelling bad and wearing dirty clothes or washing themselves and doing the washing in toilets. First, this will affect many homeless people who often choose airports for spending the night

Here is another prohibition to support cleanliness and hygiene - generally being at the airport without a ticket or a boarding pass valid for a specific day. Though, seers-off and especially meeters, who have to await the flight arrival coming late for a long time, will be hardly pleased with such fine. How should they behave during the discussion with guardians of the law?

Yulia Andreeva, Project Manager of S&K Vertikal Law Firm proposes something that many people even hardly think about, but being faced the threat of punishment it will be probably necessary to do so.

If suddenly a police officer approaches and checks documents in such a way, you can show the same tickets, ask relatives or family members who you meet/see off to send or to have them printed or on your phone. I do not think that a police officer will find fault with you to this extent.

Transit passengers or holiday-makers who have the flight being postponed (and we remember these sad stories), now will not be able to get enough sleep in the waiting room and to put their children for having rest - sleeping in armchairs and on the window-sills is also forbidden. It has already led to bewildered irritation of many commentators in social media.

Concerning another occasion, the attorney Yulia Andreeva also suggests hoping for the common sense of the reluctant interlocutors, being on duty. One of the articles directly requires from passengers during the flight check-in to be strictly within the zones intended for it. And what about going to WC? Or having a bite at a cafe, getting a blow on the platform? Is it possible that an inspection officer will punish a person who is not standing in a queue, if a flight check-in has already been announced?

Except for those rules, which have been itemized in the Administrative Offenses Code, there are rules for passenger carriage, as well as the carrier rules directly. Therefore, saying that when announcing check-in a passenger should appear here and now and be only in this zone - this, in my opinion, is not quite proper and accurate. Therefore, talking about applying the measures in the form of a fine, if the police officer saw you being not at the check-in counter, is strange.

As explained by Oleg Grigoriev, the Directorate of the Regional Administration and Transport Supervision of the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow Region will control the compliance with the standards. Police will be involved by way of exception.

The innovation has been introduced for Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Zhukovsky Airports. Vnukovo Airport is a territory of Moscow and regional laws do not apply to it. Apparently, the rules of conduct at airports contain many provisions for which passengers should be ready not to shell out much by accident even before departure. Based on Oleg Grigoriev's commentary, we applied to the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow Region for the full text of the document. In response, we received a letter specifying that the airports are under the authority of Rosaviatsiya. And that is why the following inquiry was sent to the Federal Ministry of Transport to which Rosaviatsiya is subordinated. The agency media office responded: "This issue is not within the purview of the Ministry of Transport of Russia."

Sergey Artemov, VESTI FM special correspondent


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