To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question!

14 march 2012 2012-03-14

The book store "Bukvoed" (Gostiny Dvor metro station) again opened their doors to hold the third session of the major league debates. This time, the teams of “Government” and “Opposition” debated the issues surrounding the ban of wearing of firearms by police.

The “Government” team “Your advertising site” (I. Denisova, D. Kaufman) spoke about weapons as tools giving one a sense of unlimited power, which only can harm people. “To stop a running offender, one should fire into his leg with rubber bullets”, “Themis punishes the unjust with her sword, only having considered both sides of a legal case, which is symbolized by scales”, “This country needs a brochure explaining how to talk to law-enforcement agencies to please them and to avoid being shot by them”

In contrast, the opposition team “Dedicated to Gagarin” (A. Raiman and A. Krasnik) emphasized the necessity of wearing service weapons: “Policemen are leukocytes which protect us from microbes within our body – the state”, “Should our defender be unable to protect himself, he shall not protect other people”, “Citizens should be protected”

You should admit that the situation is quite equivocal. On the one hand – the availability of a “gun” gives one the sense of safety and protection (“My police protect me”). One knows that at any time one will be helped, both in moral, and in physical sense. On another hand, the “wand of power” is not always beneficial. Indeed, authorities like to blow our mind, to make us “boggle” – authorities are not to be trifled with, they can actually shoot at you.

The jury on this game included: Tatiana Plutalova partner relationship manager at “Vkontakte” social network, Tatiana Usatenko the lawyer of legal firm S&K Vertikal, Madi Shakhrur, expert of the St. Petersburg Debate Federation, Daria Baranova, the head of major league debates project and Yevgeny Sesyavin, president of the St. Petersburg Debate Federation. The jurors were unanimous more than ever, and gave the palm to “Opposition”.

We congratulate the team “Dedicated to Gagarin” (Aleksey Raiman and Aleksandr Krasnik) on their reaching the next round! The team “Your advertising site” was awarded mobile routers - consolation prizes of the Northwest branch of Megafon, the general partner of the St. Petersburg Debate Federation.

The St. Petersburg major league debates expresses thanks to their constant partners: the book store chain “Bukvoed”, Web-channel Piter TV, law firm S&K Vertikal”, newspaper “Delovoy Peterburg”, social network “Vkontakte”, the St.-Petersburg Committee for Youth policy and Social organizations Interaction and the Northwest branch of Megafon.

We look forward to seeing you at the “Bukvoyed” store (Ploshchad Vosstaniya), at the next game session of the St. Petersburg major league debates, scheduled for 7: 00 p. m., March 27. Play with us and take a good aim!

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