The partners of the law firm Green Corridor have decided to divide business and to establish two new law firms: S&K Vertical® and Pen&Paper

1 february 2009 2009-02-1

The law firm Green Corridor was found in 2003 by Konstantin Krutilnikov and Konstantin Dobrynin. During the period of its existence the company has become one of the conspicuous law firms in Russia, focusing on the complex property defense and struggle against hostile takeover (the antiraider activity).

In January 2009 a new book named “The educational and methodical complex: “Hostile takeover: criminal and civil aspects“ — was published as a result of the accumulated practical and theoretical experience, and Konstantin Krutilnikov, Konstantin Dobrynin together with the Honored Lawyer of Russian Federation Natalia Nikonova appeared to be the authors of the book.

At present the state and society pay enough attention to the issue of illegal hostile takeover. The state takes important and necessary measures to struggle with this phenomenon, urgent amendments have been altered to the Russian legislation. These important alterations have considerably disposed the preconditions for the felonious fraudulent schemas directed on the possession over the property and business of the others in our country.

On the grounds of the fact that the abovementioned period of the law firm’s Green Corridor dedication terminated the partners reached the decision concerning structural, organizational, HR and marketing transformation of the law firm Green Corridor in compliance with the new strategic purposes of every partner.

On the basis of the joint analysis of the current situation the partners came to the conclusion, that the present transformation would be mostly effective if the following condition is observed: as a result of the division there would be two independent, but collaborating law firms.

Konstantin Krutilnikov and Sergey Slagoda have become the founders and the partners of S&K Vertical®.

Konstantin Dobrynin and Valery Zinchenko have become the founders and the partners of Pen&Paper.

The both of the companies are plenipotentiary successors of the reputational assets of the “Green Corridor». At present time both firms maintain partnership relations on several projects.

The both of the new law firms will assume the complete complex of the necessary measures to offer legal services of S&K Vertical ® and Pеn&Paper on the market.

The partners of two companies are ready to answer jointly and personally all questions regarding the division.

  • Konstantin Krutilnikov
  • Konstantin Dobrinin
  • Valeriy Zinchenko
  • Sergey Slagoda
Пресненская набережная, 6 строение 2 123112 Москва
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