Short interview with Andrey Kornitsky, head of projects S&K Vertical

1 december 2015 2015-12-1

We are proud to announce that S&K Vertical’s legal team has been added by one more high class attorney. In order to mark the event, we decided to make an interview with our new colleague. 

  • Do you remember where is your red diploma?
  • Great question. I hope it is somewhere at home. I got to check it.
  • What would you call your greatest professional achievement?
  • I would quote Bulgakov: “It is ahead”. To be serious, at my age it is really too early to discuss my highest achievements. I need at least ten years more to answer this question. But it seems to me that I am on a right track.
  • Your most extraordinary case?
  • A dispute arising out of the 6 billion Rubles contract on construction of a luxurious hotel in the historical center of St. Petersburg entered into between two friends of a person who is outstandingly famous in Russia.
  • Do you watch such TV series as the Suits or Good Wife?
  • No, is it trendy nowadays?
  • Is it difficult to live with a lawyer?
  • If a lawyer keep talking on jurisprudence at home and, especially, if he acts like a lawyer there, then yes, it is difficult.
  • Do you have some problem that you are trying to cope with?
  • Excessive integrity in some cases.
  • If you had not become a lawyer, then what trade would you choose?
  •  I would have become businessman.
  • Your main news source?
  • RBC and my own colleagues.
  • What are you reading?
  • Recently I took Pelevin, but got bored soon and returned back to entertaining and unpredictable professional literature.
  • What will you do if you get an hour free of work and family concerns?
  • I will arrange a meeting with friends in the countryside.
  • Your favorite fairytale hero?
  • Winnie the Pooh.
  • What do you listen to in your car?
  • Various things: Chayf, Trofim, Scorpions and others. It depends on my mood.
  • Your favorite city?
  • Fryazino. You've got to live in your favorite city or make the city where you live your favorite.
  • Your plans for the future?
  • If you mean the work, I am planning to take part in complex corporate disputes and bankruptcy cases, the area that S&K Vertical is famour for. For this sake I came.


Andrey Kornitsky is Head of Projects in the S&K Vertical Law Offices. He graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. He worked at well-known law firms, such as YUST, Padva & Epstein, as well as in the management units of the largest Russian holdings SUAL and EVRAZ.

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