S&K Vertical is ranked amongst Russia’s major Law Firms: Kommersant newspaper

8 june 2015 2015-06-8

As a result of an assessment of Russia’s legal business, S&K Vertical Law Offices ranked in the Top-15 most effectively managed law firms.

Besides that, S&K Vertical also featured amongst the major Russian law firms as to the aggregate earnings for the years 2013 and 2014. The amount of firm’s earnings is a key factor in the management of any law firm and the most important criterion in this ranking. The questionnaire received answers from 141 firms, including Russian offices of international law firms.

The technical side of the assessment

The assessment was carried out on the basis of a questionnaire that was circulated around the legal market. Law firms received special question-and-answer forms generated by LegalPractice.Ru project. The respondents were all law firms, i.e. any legal entities providing legal services, including advocate bureaus, companies and partnerships and associations working under a common brand. The organizers prepared the respondents’ list based on open sources, including Russian and international queries of law firms, and the internet resources. They circulated 267 forms and received 144 of them, while the final amount of forms that were taken for assessment was 141 (2 forms were considered unacceptable due to the expiry of time limits).

The data received from the forms then went through the check based on the open sources again, including the SPARK system, respondents’ own web sites and mass media. If the check revealed any inconsistencies, the assessors approached the respondent according the contact details and asked for clarification, and then decided whether a correction was to be made.

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