Liubov Duyko took part in the UN Conference on Climate Change

18 january 2016

UN World Conference on Climate Change has become the most important international event of the decade. The Agreement adopted as an outcome of the conference has opened a new era of global cooperation in the area of climate change. Liubov Duyko explained the aims of the conference, climate hazards and position of the Russian Federation, in an interview for «Argumenty i Fakty» Newspaper.

- Liubov Vitalyevna, international community has already signed Kyoto Protocol governing the greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Why then there was a need to gather the conference in the capital of France?

- It was gathered in order to develop a new instrument that would later subsitute the Kyoto Protocol. The main aim is to hold the growth of the average temperature within 2 or, if possible, 1.5 degrees Celcius until the year 2100. It is a critical point. If it becomes 4 to 6 degrees warmer, then many regions will face famine as a result of droughts, while the number of forest fires and flood will grow catastrophically. World leaders understand that. That is why 150 heads of countries attended the conference, and the document received support of 195 delegations from all over the world.

Could you explain the position of our country?

States are bound to report every five years, and their compliance will be analyzed by a special working group. And although there no concrete duties in the agreement, it depends on every country what will be our plant in 20-30 years.

Argumenty i Fakty Weekly N 1 29/12/2015

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