Evgeny Zverev and Mikhail Ilin to become partners with «S&K Vertical»

26 january 2015 2015-01-26

At the annual meeting of  «S&K Vertical»’s  Board of  Partners, held in Moscow in the last days of the year 2014, it was announced that advocates Evgeny Zverev and Mikhail Ilyin would become partners in the Firm. Thereby the advocates received their well-deserved distinction for numerous successes and many years of work within the«S&K Vertical»’s team.

Mikhail Ilin graduated from the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University in 2006.

All the time since he joined the Firm in 2009, he has been specializing in corporate law, M&A, corporate conflicts and protection from hostile takeovers, as well as in antimonopoly, foreclosure and debt settlement.

While working with S&K Vertical, Mikhail represented shareholders’ interests in more than 20 corporate conflicts with the total value of the assets in dispute exceeding 200 million USD and also provided legal support in M&A deals worth in total of more than 300 million USD.

Amongst Mikhail’s latest achievements, a special mentioning should be provided to the successful representation of the interests of shareholders in  a corporate conflict with A1 investment company as to Alloy Corporation, as well as to winning in a dispute concerning the mandatory offer in the protection of corporate rights belonging  to "MAX" Insurance Company.

The Firm’s clients, major Russian business people, tell about Mikhail Ilyin as follows:

“I extend our congratulations to Mikhail on his appointment. We appreciate our cooperation primarily for his professionalism and eagerness to seek a way out of any difficult situation. It is also very important that he is always available and ready to provide consultation "in real time mode." I hope he will continue to help us in our corporate disputes."

Andrey Martyanov, executive director of  "MAX" Insurance Company.

"Mikhail has established himself as a leading specialist in the field of corporate law, M&A and shareholder disputes. He is particularly successful in combining the skills of a competent lawyer and an effective manager. I wish him the best in professional growth and in acquiring many new competencies."

Mikhail Smirnov, legal director at State Company “Russian Highways".

Evgeny Zverev graduated from the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University in 1998

Since he joined the Firm in 2007, he has been working in real estate, PPP issues, litigation and bankruptcy.

Evgeny has broad experience in representing the majors among Russian and foreign banks in bankruptcy and corporate debts in an aggregate amount of more than 50 million USD, and also in legal support to the real estate deals worth, in total, of more than 100 million USD.

Currently Evgeny is representing the two top-10 Russian banks in insolvency procedures with a total volume of claims running into billions of  Rubles.

The Firm’s clients, major Russian business people, provide the following feedback regarding Evgeny Zverev:

"During our cooperation with S&K Vertical, Evgeny has proved himself to be an effective and competent lawyer. We congratulate him and look forward to further cooperation"

Vladimir Nikitin, head of the non-performing corporate loans unit at the department of restructuring and non-performing loans of AO UniCredit Bank

"We are grateful to Evgeny for his competent and prompt assistance in fairly complicated and nonstandard issues. We wish him new achievements, not only in legal disputes, but also in creative work".

Roman Ozhegov, Deputy General Director for development and management at B.Braun Avitum Russland clinics.  

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