Advocates of “S&K Vertical” Law Firm actively participate in the documentary project “Advocate’s stories” on the channel “100 TV”

16 january 2011 2011-01-16

The principal idea of the project is protection of legal rights and freedoms of citizens in everyday life, teaching the basics of the legal knowledge in the enthralling form of a detective story.

Every episode is a completed story of an event from life of a person who got into a desperate position and take pains to get out of it. Sometimes it is a conflict with participation of the principal character, provoked by lawlessness of ordinary life, or an event caused by lack of legal knowledge, or a criminal story. As a rule, the principal character doesn’t know what to do, how to act, has entangled in the complexities of life and lost any hope. A helpful advocate appears who is able to eliminate the mistakes of the miserable person, makes for improvement of the situation and gives an advice how to act in similar cases.

Advocate’s stories” on the channel 100 TV

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