Brief review of the revisions of legislation from 12 to 25/03/2019

27 march 2019 2019-03-27

Banking Law:

Sberbank customers are now able to withdraw cash at store cash registers

This will be available as early as this summer. Cash in the amount of RUB 5,000 can be withdrawn when purchasing in small and medium-sized outlets. Large chains will implement this function in autumn.

Collectors might be forbidden to collect municipal services debts

A bill allowing to collect utility debts only by professional market participants in this area, was introduced in the State Duma. Such professional market participants include homeowners' associations, managing organizations, housing cooperatives and utility providers.

The repayment pattern for consumer debts is planned to be modified

The need for modifications derives from the fact that at this stage the legislation worsens the situation of a citizen as consumer, as it provides for reduction of principal debt only after interest payments.

Family Law:

St. Petersburg deputies proposed a simplification of divorce for women affected by domestic violence

The bill provides the opportunity to women affected by domestic violence to unilaterally dissolve the marriage at a civil registry office. However, just an oral statement of domestic abuse will not be enough. The spouse's guilt must be determined. A quick divorce will be possible if the husband had criminal or administrative records for battery, injury to health of his wife or torture.

Tax Law:

The deputies proposed the abolition of transport tax

According to bill authors it is unfair to make citizens pay taxes on vehicles that are left idle in their garages. It is much more effective to increase the cost of fuel excises, for transport tax collection in regions does not exceed 50%.

The Ministry of Finance explained how to calculate the minimum tenure for the apartment obtained under a marriage contract

In accordance with the explanations of the Ministry of Finance, the minimum tenure for the apartment transferred to one of the spouses runs from the date of the initial state registration of title to the apartment acquired in the common joint property of the spouses. This explanation will allow to correctly calculate the personal income tax to be paid in the event of the transfer of the apartment.

The government proposes to introduce a new tax deduction

A bill allowing to get a tax deduction when purchasing life-saving drugs was introduced in the State Duma.

Civil Law:

Students will be eligible for additional draft deferment

Before now, if a student came of age at school, getting his first draft deferment there and the second one – in Baccalaureate, he was not entitled to claim the third deferment to continue postgraduate master studies. And now master's students will get the third deferment even if they received the first one at school.

The Federation Council forwarded for further development a bill on the prohibition of hostels in dwelling houses

The Senate rejected the bill on the prohibition of hostels due to a short transition period. They proposed to postpone the bill’s entry into force to 2020 so that the entrepreneurs could take all the necessary measures to turn residential premises into non-residential ones. It was also decided to establish a special conciliation commission to finalize the document.

The authors and copyright holders are planning to be exempt from state duty when filing a claim with the court, as well as to be allowed to file a claim on intellectual property protection at their place of residence

The need for changes derives from the massive scale of infringement of intellectual property rights. Now, the state duty ranges from 2 to 200 thousand rubles, depending on the claims of the copyright holder.

Citizens are now able to complain about the quality of goods on "Gosuslugi" (state services) web portal

The President signed the law allowing citizens to file complaints about purchased defective goods on "Gosuslugi" (state services) web portal.

Furthermore, MFCs (Multifunctional Centers for Рrovision of State and Municipal Services) are now able to provide individuals with advice on consumer protection issues.

Social Security Law:

Citizens are now able to choose the time of retirement

The deputies introduced a bill in the the State Duma allowing citizens to choose the time of retirement.

For example, on the basis of a personal application a man qualifies for retirement on the basis of age from 60 to 65 years, and women – from 55 to 60 years. If a citizen has not filed such an application he will be awarded a pension under the old conditions: in 60 for men and in 55 for women.

Tightened control over the use of the maternal capital

The President signed the law under which the maternal capital can not be used to acquire a dwelling unfit for human habitation, an unsafe dwelling, or dwellings awaiting demolition or reconstruction. Obligations are imposed on the local bodies of the Pension Fund to carry out an inspection by submitting requests on availability of such information to the local authorities and bodies of public housing oversight.

Enforcement Proceedings:

Bailiffs issued an instruction on how to interact with collectors

Directorate of the Federal Bailiffs Service for Moscow issued guidelines on how to protect oneself against illegal acts of collectors. The authors noted that collectors pay attention not only to the debtors themselves, but also to their relatives and acquaintances. As a result, the number of victims of illegal acts of collectors is increasing.

The Supreme Court banned deduction from the credit card under enforcement order in case of lack of funds

The debt sum exceeding available funds on the account was written off from the debit card of a citizen. The bank transferred the funds via overdraft, which was not provided for in the bank account agreement. The bank just provided the loan, and then decided to recover the debt together with interest from the citizen in court. The first instance refused the bank, because pursuant to the requirements of the execution document or the bailiff the bank must transfer the debtor's funds that are on his account, but not to provide the loan to that end at its discretion. But the appeal took the side of the bank. The dispute went to the Supreme Court.

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