To date, the People’s Republic of China is the World’s second largest economy in nominal terms and purchasing power parity.

Therefore it is not surprising that many economies worldwide consider China as a lucrative and promising partner. Russia is no exception, given the length of the common border between China and Russia, as well as their close cooperation at the highest level in international political and economic organizations such as the The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS.

Experts foretell that the interaction between the two economies will become closer and ambitious in its volume.

The governments of Russia and China intend to raise their bilateral turnover to the level of $200 billion by the year 2020.

Facts and figures

SK Vertical started working in China

Chinese exports to Russia reached
$ 37,297 billion
SK Vertical established
an office in Beijing

Increase of the turnover within 2015—2016

Imports from Russia reached
$ 32,228 billion
Russia and China raising the mutual trade turnover to the level of  $ 200 billion

China-Russia turnover reached $ 69,525 billion

Current legal issues

In the Russian-Chinese economic relations there is an urgent need for accessible and apprehensible legal assistance. It is so for both the Chinese and Russian sides. At the same time, both the Chinese and Russian businesses looking for legal assistance do want to be sure that they will be correctly understood at the first place. This applies not only to the language barrier; what matters also is the mentality and traditions of doing business. It is very important that the lawyers who act as guides to the world of business in the other country could really understand their clients and fully justify their expectations.

What we have already done

We have tried to fill these «gaps» and took on the task to be equally useful for Chinese businesses in Russia and for Russian businesses in the PRC. Being Russian lawyers, we understand Russian specifics very well. Our partners in China feel perfectly good in the specifics of the Chinese law and Chinese business environment. Both in Russia and in China, we apply the international standards of legal services that are clear and acceptable for all.

In 2011, we established S&K Vertical’s representative office in Beijing.

Realizing the importance of interaction with experts and public organizations that are engaged in the development of Russian-Chinese relations, we take part in the Board of the Russian-China Law Society, provide support for scientific publications on the Chinese law in the Russian language and speak at various seminars and conferences on this subject.

Our experience

Throughout the entire period of our work, the attorneys and lawyers of S&K Vertical have been providing and continue to provide legal support in Russian-Chinese projects, the most notable of which are as follows:

  • Representing Russia’s largest timber holding company in trade relations with Chinese companies in 2004—2008;
  • Representing (since 2003) Jiangsu Hongda Chemical (PRC), the largest producer of chemical materials in its investment projects with Russian and Chinese companies;
  • Representing (since 2007) Harbin Boshi Automation Equipment, the structures of the Harbin Institute of Robotics in its investment projects with Russian and Chinese companies;
  • Legal support to a large Russian trading holding entering the Chinese market;
  • Representing the largest Chinese credit and export insurance corporation in the Russian Federation (since 2011);
  • Representing the Hong Kong public company in an investment dispute with state authorities of one of the Central Asian republics for more than $ 50 million;
  • Representing a large footwear manufacturer from China, as a creditor, in the bankruptcy procedures of the Russian shoe chain, with the debt amount of $ 10 million;
  • Legal support in many foreign trade contracts on both Russian and Chinese sides.

As China goes, so goes the World

Carl Gerth, Writer, professor of Chinese history at Oxford University

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