Mikhail Ilin

Over the 11-year period S&K Vertical has built up a team of highly qualified attorneys and lawyers with many years of exceptional experience and spotless reputation.
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Mikhail Ilin Attorney at Law, Partner of S&K Vertical law firm, Head of Projects

Practice areas

Mikhail Ilin specializes in corporate law and corporate disputes, M&A transactions, litigation and arbitration, antitrust, bankruptcy, corporate debt recovery, corporate disputes and protection from hostile takeovers.


2006 – Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law.

2016 – University of California, Berkeley - School of Law. Master of Laws (LLM)/ Business Law.

Mikhail Ilin

Projects and experience (selected):

  • Represented  the interests of shareholders in more than 20 corporate conflicts with a total value of assets over USD 200 million;
  • legal support to M&A transactions worth more than USD 300 million;
  • represented Clients in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAC);
  • recognition and enforcement of ICAC decisions in Serbia;
  • legal support to bankruptcy procedures of a debtor company with a total amount of creditors' claims of about EUR 20 million;
  • legal support for a complex investment transaction for the construction of a shopping mall with a total value of EUR 15 million;
  • carried out the procedure of asset replacement for one of the largest developer companies in Russia, the value of the project being over 1 billion rubles.



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