Liubov Duyko

Over the 11-year period S&K Vertical has built up a team of highly qualified attorneys and lawyers with many years of exceptional experience and spotless reputation.
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Liubov Duyko Attorney at Law, Partner Chair of the Board of Partners

Practice areas

Lubov Duiko focuses on representing individuals on the issues of taxation, investment, family law, inheritance, litigation, asset management and real estate, and arbitration.


1998 - Department of Law of St. Petersburg State University

2001 - St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance, Practice areas in Finance and Crediting

Liubov Duyko

Project experience (examples):

  • More than 10 years of successful experience in providing legal services to clients on private and family matters, including legal representation in over 200 disputes
  • More than 50 divorce and division of property cases in excess of $50 million
  • More than 20 disputes on communication with minors and determination of their place of residence, including cases involving foreign nationals
  • More than 30 cases of special adoption proceedings, involuntary commitment, records of acts of civil status, establishment of legally relevant facts, etc.
  • Advising on private investment in real estate in Russia and abroad (U.K., Cyprus, U.S., etc.)
  • Legal representation in disputes with tax authorities to challenge personal income tax decisions with total claims exceeding 100 million rubles
  • Legal support of Russian nationals in Malaysia, India and China, knowledge of the local market and business community.


  • Lubov Duiko was the founder and leader of Attorneys' at Law Bureau Green Corridor a part of Green Corridor lawfirm, one of the 10 largest law companies in Russia protecting corporate interests according to Mergers and Acquisitions magazine (2007)
  • Chairperson of the Standing Arbitration Court of the St. Petersburg Arbitration; more than 100 cases reviewed.
  • Fluent in legal English and French