Andrey Mikonin

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Andrey Mikonin Attorney at Law, Partner of S&K Vertical law firm, Head of litigation

Practice areas

 Andrei Mikonin focuses on litigation and mediation and arbitration of disputes, arbitration and mediation, and setting up trials abroad. He is also an expert in matters of public property and real estate.


2006 - Department of Law of St. Petersburg State University

Andrey Mikonin

Project experience (examples):

  • Represented the Judicial Department of the Russian Supreme Court in property disputes with commercial companies and public agencies, including contested bids and budget refunds
  • Represented Clients in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, which led to amendment of the Code of Inland Water Transportation of the Russian Federation regarding riverboat mortgage procedures; 
  • Business reputation claims filed against Russian and foreign media, public agencies and participated in a number of large-scale "information wars"
  • Extensive experience of interaction with the press covering legal events involving the Clients
  • Drafted and implemented an action plan, including legal action, to prevent the imposition of unjustified compensation on Ilim Group for caused environmental damage
  • Managed trial teams during major corporate disputes, bankruptcy proceedings and corporate bank debt recovery


  • A. Mikonin was head of litigation at Green Corridor law firm, one of the 10 largest law companies in Russia protecting corporate interests according to Mergers and Acquisitions magazine (2007)
  • Delivered presentations at numerous seminars and conferences organized jointly with the Department of Law of St. Petersburg State University,  Kommersant, Vedomosti, and RBC publishing houses, etc. 
  • Fluent in legal English



International Bank of Azerbaijan has won in the appeals the first dispute with JSC MBIK, the owner of five-star Hermitage Hotel. Comment by Andrey Mikonin for Delovoy Peterburg


Andrey Mikonin, Partner at S&K Vertical, commented for "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" the proposal to protect TV show concepts from piracy


Andrey Mikonin for RBC-TV on the legal aspects of the search for the “Money of Yanukovych”


Andrey Mikonin on the cassation decision holding that the approval of the sale of the Kirov Plant’s assets was unlawful 21 April 2014 The court of cassation sustained the decision taken in December 2013 by the Thirteenth Appellate Arbitration Court


“With the development of the law, coprorate raiding became a piece thing”: Andrey Mikonin interview for “Delovoy Peterburg”


Andrey Mikonin for Delovoy Peterburg on personal liability of owners of bankrupt companies


Andrey Mikonin gives to RBC a legal forecast for the year 2014


Andrey Mikonin comments on the claim by Vitaly Arkhangelsky against Bank Saint-Petersburg


Andrey Mikonin comments the corporate conflict between the shareholders of OJSC Kirovsky Zavod


Andrei Mikonin's comments to the article titled “Using Judges’ Conscience to Support the Law”


“Vedomosti” published Andrey Mikonin's comments on the situation with “Lentransstroy”, winner of tender for the right to service Ring Motorway (KAD)


Comments Andrew Mikonin on the situation with the stolen money from the accounts of Alexander Kerzhakov specially for "Business Petersburg"


Comments of Andrey Mikonin to the article “The prosecution’s assessment”


Andrey Mikonin on the awaited legislation amendments in 2013


“DelovoiPeterburg” publishes Andrei Mikonin’s comments in the article “Frozen demolition”


Andrey Mikonin about Vladimir Kekhman’s bankruptcy in England


Andrey Mikonin in the piece of “Russia 24” TV Channel about Russian judicial system development program


Andrei Mikonin told about a new turn in the story with shopping and leisure center Pulkovo III


Andrei Mikonin commented strengthening of the court’s role in some aspects of arbitration process


The conflict concerned with a building located at 145, Ligovsky Avenue, which may become an international conflict: comments made by partner Andrei Mikonin at the NTV coverage


Partner Andrei Mikonin made comments for “RBС daily” concerning the conflict between the City Property Management Committee and the owner of a property located at 145 Ligovsky avenue.


Kommersant, RBK and Vedomosti on victory gained by lawyers of the law firm S&K Vertikal in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the RF with comments by the partner Andrei Mikonin


According to Andrei Mikonin, the lawyer and partner of legal firm S&K Vertikal, the court system is not suited for pacific settlement of disputes. RBC daily


Comments made by Andrei Mikonin, the lawyer and partner of legal firm S&K Vertikal to an article titled “Some are wise, and debtors are otherwise”


Comments made by Andrei Mikonin, lawyer of the law firm S&K Vertikal in a TV spot titled “Do we need specific legislative rules to pacify fans?” GTRK “Sankt-Peterburg”


Comments made by Adrei Mikonin, lawyer of the law firm S&K Vertikal to an article titled “Victor Petrik faces a “Scientific” claim” by Kommersant newspaper


Comments made by lawyer Andrey Mikonin, a partner of the law firm S&K Vertical “Is it difficult to win a case and money: training manual for a novice plaintiff” covered by GTRK Sankt-Peterburg”


Comments made by lawyer Andrey Mikonin to an article titled “Electronic failure” published by “Kommersant”


Lawyer Andrey Mikonin makes comments on the sensational judgment delivered by the Magadan area arbitration court pertaining to illegal actions of Mobilnye telesystemy OJSC (MTS) aimed to collect payment for supplementary mobile communication services.


Comments made by lawyer Andrey Mikonin to an article entitled Perforce intermediary

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