Sergey Slagoda

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Sergey Slagoda Attorney at Law, Managing partner

Practice areas

Sergey Slagoda focuses on international private law, commercial, corporate and banking law, legal support for foreign investment in Russia, and litigation held in various jurisdictions.


1998 – Department of Law, St. Petersburg State University. Diploma thesis defended at the Department of International Law. Supervisor – Professor Lyudmila Nikiforovna Galenskaya.

2006 – Department of Law, St. Petersburg State University. Additional education in legal support of foreign economic activity.

2012 – Saint Petersburg State University; Centre for Conflict and Peacekeeping Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy. Holder of Degree in mediation and of the International Certificate in Conflict Management (Russian-American educational programme).

2013 – University of St. Gallene (Switzerland). Executive Master of European and International Business Law EMBL-HSG

Sergey Slagoda

Project experience (examples)

  • More than 10 years of successful advice to major European companies, including Scandinavian businesses, on legal regulation of foreign investment and doing business in Russia
  • Advising Russian investors on the Chinese market entry and legal regulation of business activities in China, has extensive business and legal connections in China
  • Representing the shareholders of major oil producer in a disputes with banks, including litigation in foreign jurisdictions
  • Representing the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe on recovery and settlement of corporate debts in excess of $150 million
  • Representing the major Russian bank in the recovery of a $ 90 million corporate debts
  • Provided full legal support in CIS market entry to a major British polymers manufacturer
  • Provided full legal support in Russia to a major Finnish manufacturer of fastening materials, SORMAT
  • Provided legal support to a major Finnish manufacturer of pipes, KWH Pipe
  • For several years, was responsible for organizing full legal support of foreign trade activities of Ilim Pulp Enterprise (Ilim Group), including the legal aspects of foreign financing.
  • Provided legal support and contributed to a successful outcome of a major corporate conflict involving Russian and foreign companies with total claims exceeding $100 million
  • Set up and supported court proceedings in various jurisdictions
  • Secured the interests of a major European fund in Russia
  • Continuously advises major Russian and foreign banks on debt recovery from corporate clients, including in foreign jurisdictions


  • Sergey Slagoda was a partner of Green Corridor law firm, one of the 10 largest law companies in Russia protecting corporate interests according to Mergers and Acquisitions magazine (2007)
  • Organized and delivered presentations at numerous seminars and conferences organized jointly with the department of Law, St. Petersburg State University, Kommersant, Vedomosti, and RBC publishing houses etc;
  • Has significant experience in setting up lawyers operations in various jurisdictions, including the U.K., U.S., Ireland, Switzerland, China, Finland, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, etc.;
  • For more than 10 years, has been studying law of several countries, focusing on the area of comparative law;
  • Fluent in English legal language, learning German.



S&K Vertical managing partner Sergey Slagoda spoke at The SPIEF 2017


S&K Vertical’s Partners took part in the opening ceremony at the Center for Asian legal studies


Sergey Slagoda will participate in the information event of the Executive Master of European and International Business Law, E.M.B.L.-HSG


Sergei Slagoda participated in a business game “Legal Business in Russia. ILF vs RuLF“ at the International Law Congress


Managing partner Sergei Slagoda participated in the International Conference of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers titled “The Future of the Legal Profession and the Bar”


The III annual conference themed “Market for Legal Services: Contemporary Trends” was held in St-Petersburg by “Vedomosti” newspaper together with law firm S&K Vertikal


The “Vedomosti” newspaper along with law firm S&K Vertikal held the II annual conference on “Legal services market: current trends.”


Sergey Slagoda, managing partner of the law firm S&K Vertical, took part in the seminar “Luxembourg: European Business Center”


Report on conference “Legal services market: current trends”, organised by the “Vedomosti” newspaper in association with the law firm “S&K Vertikal”


Managing partner Sergey Slagoda participated in roundtable discussion “Business Air Carriage Market. Improving Industry Environment” organised by the Kommersant Publishing House


Sergey Slagoda was invited to collection issue of Interbusiness magazine as a key expert on Russian-Finnish relations


The partner of the law firm “S&K Vertical” Sergey Slagoda will take part in the round-table discussion ”The specificity of trade and economic relations between Russia and Finland”

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EEC2016. «The law and competitive advantage for the Far East in the Asia-Pacific Region». on the most important issues of the discussion


Sergey Slagoda spoke at the session called “The law and competitive advantage for the Far East in the Asia-Pasific region” under the auspices of the Eastern Economic Forum. A detailed report by Kommersant


A myth that it is impossible to enforce a foreign judgement or arbitral award in China. Interview with S&K Vertical’s managing partner Sergey Slagoda for Kommersant


Legal business in China: article by Sergey Slagoda for the Legal Insight Magazine


“Delovoy Peterburg" published Sergey Slagoda's comments on the future reform of Bar in Russia


Sergey Slagoda scoped out the state-run program “Justice” (expressly for TV channel “Zakon TV”)


RBK daily interview with Sergey SLAGODA, managing partner of the law firm S&K Vertical.


"The St-Petersburg Economic Forum on Business FM": Comments made by Sergei Slagoda


Managing partner Sergei Slagoda commented on St.-Petersburg need to find a way out the town-planning dead lock


Sergey Slagoda as an expert in the program “Plavuchy ostrov” by MTRK “MIR”


Comments to an article entitled “Bailiffs shall be aided by collectors” made by Sergey Slagoda, managing partner of "S&K Vertikal"


S&K Vertical Partners’ Live statement in the radio City FM

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