Vladimir Aleshin

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Vladimir Aleshin Attorney at Law, Senior Criminal Law Counsel

Practice areas

 Vladimir Alyoshin focuses on criminal law and criminal proceedings, protecting the interests of Clients in the investigation of economic crimes, and organizing attorneys' investigations. 


1982 - Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense

Vladimir Aleshin

Project experience (examples):

  • At the Legal Division of the timber corporation Ilim Pulp Enterprise, was the leader and supervisor of a legal team to handle the corporate dispute with Basic Element, regarding the criminal component of the conflict .
  • Represented several major Russian banks as victims in the criminal cases involving illegal receipt of credit and fraud;
  • Represented a major timber group in a number of criminal cases that were all dismissed at the stage of preliminary investigation on rehabilitative grounds
  • Represented managers of large city-forming enterprises on charges of abuse of powers; the case was dismissed during preliminary investigation on rehabilitative grounds
  • Represented a major Russian commodity company at the stage of preliminary investigation;
  • Represented a victim (shareholder of a major publishing house) where a group of individuals was charged with damage infliction and large-scale fraud;
  • Represented the shareholders and management of a major development company charged with tax evasion; the case was dismissed


  • Vladimir Alyoshin, Justice Major(Res.,), from 1982 to 1996 worked as an investigator of the Leningrad military garrison prosecutor’s office, investigator for particularly important prosecution cases of the Leningrad military district
  • Vladimir Alyoshin was head of the criminal law practice at Green Corridor law firm, one of the 10 largest law companies in Russia protecting corporate interests, according to Mergers and Acquisitions magazine (2007)
  • delivered presentations at numerous seminars and conferences organized jointly with the Department of Law of St. Petersburg State University, Kommersant, Vedomosti, and RBC publishing houses, etc.