Natalya Kolerova

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Natalya Kolerova Attorney at Law, Head of Projects

Practice areas

Natalia Kolerova specializes in litigation and arbitration, as well as in corporate law and corporate conflicts, bankruptcy and recovery of indebtedness.


2005 - 2012 – Department of Law at St. Petersburg State University, Chair of civil and arbitral procedure, Master of Jurisprudence
Natalya Kolerova

Project experience (examples):

  • representation of creditors of one of the largest agricultural holdings in the Central Russia in an insolvency case, the aggregate amount of the assets in the bankruptcy procedure is assessed as 12 billion Rubles worth;
  • representation in the International Commercial Arbitration Court for Russian Chamber of Commerce (ICAC) in a 17 million Rubles case;
  • legal support to the All-Russian Environmental Society, Russia's oldest and largest environmental NGO;
  • work with Korean companies on projects related to the recovery of problematic debts by Russian contractors of the business entities in Korea (in excess of 5 million Dollars). The vast majority the debts are paid off by Russian companies in the course of out-of-court settlement procedures; ;
  • prevention of the bankruptcy of a major oil company of the North Western Russia;
  • representation of shareholders and members of a group of a region-forming enterprise of the North Western Russian in a corporate conflict;


Fluent in legal English, holds the diploma of Translator in Professional Communication