For more than 16 years, S&K Vertical’s attorneys have specialized in legal solution of corporate conflicts, as well as in protection and execution of corporate rights of the Clients in complex disputes, preparing strategies to protect against unfriendly takeovers and criminal attempts to obtain corporate control by setting illegal rights to shares. A significant part of the Firm’s practice in the sphere of corporate conflicts is transnational disputes in various jurisdictions involving cross-border corporate structures. The firm’s portfolio includes more than 420 corporate disputes, the total value of protected assets is about $ 6 billion. Legal positions in corporate disputes prepared by the lawyers of the Firm, have been repeatedly evaluated by the highest courts and produced precedential judgments.

The key to our success in resolving corporate conflicts is the unique judicial experience and thorough knowledge of corporate law, which, together with the criminal law expertise of our lawyers, form the legal basis for the most effective protection of the interests of our clients. Our skills in working with mass media and develop the positions of the key participants in the conflict, as well as thorough study of the opponent, interaction with the best lawyers in foreign jurisdictions, impressive experience in negotiations and extrajudicial settlement of corporate conflicts make our services unique. The Firm’s practice in the sphere of corporate law has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best in Russia (according to Pravo.ru-300 ranking for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), and also recommended by international rankings Legal 500 and IFLR1000.

The partners of the Firm are recognized as leading lawyers in corporate disputes (Kommersant, 2017), the practice of resolving corporate disputes is among the best in the country (Kommersant, 2017).

Professional experience
  • representation of the shareholder in a large medical center in a corporate conflict, which involved corporate claims challenging the decisions of management bodies, as well as a mandatory offer that allowed the Client to obtain corporate control over the issuer;
  • representation of the shareholder of the industrial holding in a corporate conflict that involved a corporate dispute that was considered by the Supreme Commercial Court as regards the issues of proving the rights to shares and protecting the rights to shares during the company’s reorganization;
  • representation of the shareholders in the corporate conflict concerning the rights to the holding company having the assets worth more than $ 1 billion in real estate, construction, banking, sports business, the dispute was settled out of court;
  • representation of the largest automobile market-place in Moscow in the corporate conflict concerning the rights to shares of the enterprise, which involved litigation concerning the division of spouses’ property, criminal prosecution, numerous interim measures;
  • representation of the shareholders of a large regional enterprise in a corporate conflict, which involved several criminal cases, international search for opponents, invalidation of decisions of management bodies, disputes over the issue of shares and the invalidation of transactions;
  • representation of a member of the board of directors of a leading energy company in a dispute with shareholders concerning the recovery of losses caused by approval of interested party transactions with non-market conditions;
  • representation of the All-Russian public organization in restoration of control over federal and territorial management bodies and support in all corporate procedures related to the conflict. During the period 2003–2008, the partners of the Firm (at that time they were the partners at Green Corridor law firm, the predecessor of the Firm) took part in the development and implementation of anti-raider protection strategies in more than 50 cases throughout Russia, the result of many years of work was the successful protection of assets worth more than $ 200 million.

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