The economy of the 21st century is an economy based on knowledge, intellectual leadership and innovation. The issues of intellectual property and legal protection of exclusive rights are the key for the leaders of the new economy. S&K Vertical’s attorneys have experience of interaction with leading Internet holdings, venture investors, commercial science developers, producers and organizers of cultural projects, owners of mass media. S&K Vertical’s lawyers have an impressive experience of representing Clients’ interests in matters of intellectual property, judicial protection of exclusive rights, including representation in the Intellectual Property Court, legal support of transactions with respect to intellectual property rights, license agreements, advising on copyright and related rights, patent law, rights to know-how, trademarks, and trade names.
S&K Vertical’s practice in the sphere of intellectual property was recognized as one of the best in Russia (according to ranking for 2011, 2016), its cases were also noted by the international rankings Legal-500 and IFLR-1000. According to The Kommersant, S&K Vertical’s projects in the sphere of telecommunications and IT are in the top 5 on the market (2017).

Professional experience
  • representation of a film production company in  Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Germany with respect to all legal issues of production of a motion picture which was selected for inclusion on the program of the Cannes Film Festival;
  • representation of the largest Russian social network in a dispute with the World’s largest media-record companies as to the compensation and removal of illegal content;
  • representation of a leading Russian gallery in connection with exhibition activities in Russia and abroad, advising on matters related to complex copyrighted objects, copyright and license agreements;
  • representation of the author of a scientific invention in the sphere of chemistry with regard to a claim for recovery of author’s remuneration;
  • representation of a sports club in a dispute over the rights to a trade name;
  • representation of the owner of the exclusive right to computer programs in a suit a gainst the leading Russian telecommunications operator;
  • representation of the Moscow theater with regard to its copyright issues, licensing agreements and registration of rights to «complex works» with numerous authors;
  • representation of the foundation of a contemporary composer with regard to the rights to music;
  • representation of a group of rightholders in a legal dispute concerning the rights to computer games.

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