Taxation and Investment

The lawyers and counselors of S&K Vertical have extensive experience in taxation and investment consulting, because proper and competent tax planning enhances the economic security for our Clients, and a comprehensive legal support of investment activities guarantees a prosperous future for their families.


  • legal support in completion and filing tax returns
  • representation of Clients with the tax authorities of the Russian Federation
  • representation during appeal of actions (or inactions) of public officials and of the decisions of tax authorities, including litigation
  • advising on international taxation
  • legal support of investment by individuals (deposits in banks, funds, acquisition of stock market shares and products, business with management companies, real estate investments, etc.).

Our lawyers and attorneys have successful experience in:

  • disputes with business entities on the duty to comply with legal requirements, including provision of information to company employees/shareholders
  • disputes with tax authorities to challenge income tax decisions with the total claims exceeding 100 million rubles
  • disputes with management companies regarding execution of contractual obligations

Our lawyers have supported several major investment projects worth over $100 million.