Special proceedings

Special proceedings confirm in a unilateral uncontested process the circumstances of legal significance. This category of cases requires expertise and knowledge that the lawyers and consultants of S&K Vertical possess in full measure.


  • Comprehensive legal support in the courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court, of the following categories of cases:
  • establishing facts of legal significance
  • adoption of children
  • recognition of a citizen as missing or declaration of a citizen as deceased
  • limiting capacity of a citizen, recognition of a citizen as incapable, limitation or deprivation of minors under the age of fourteen to eighteen of the right to dispose of their income
  • declaring a minor fully capable (emancipation)
  • recognition of a movable object as ownerless and recognizing the right of municipal property rights with regard to ownerless immovable property
  • restoration of rights for lost bearer securities, or order securities (voiding)
  • forced hospitalization of a citizen in a psychiatric hospital and forced psychiatric examination
  • civil registry amendments
  • notary acts or notary act denials
  • applications for restoration of lost court proceedings

More than 30 cases were reviewed under special proceedings with the participation of our attorneys and lawyers.