Real estate transactions

S&K vertical lawyers and consultants provide support of real estate transactions and represent Clients in the courts of law and federal and municipal authorities.


  • advising on negotiation, execution, cancellation and challenging various transactions, including contracts of sale, exchange, lease, asset management, real estate mortgage, etc.
  • advising on housing legislation
  • legal support at all phases of construction and reconstruction projects (beginning with coordination of the project before its state registration)
  • legal support for acquisition of real estate on the basis of equity participation in the construction
  • legal support for land property transactions, advising on land property rights

Our attorneys and lawyers have successful experience in:

  • representing the interests of owners in the construction of residential buildings with the total area of 10,000 m2
  • representing the interests in investment relations with public participation
  • the legal support of our Clients purchasing real estate abroad, including in the U.K., Germany, Spain, Cyprus
  • supporting state registration of the availability, emergence, transfer of title in more than 200 transactions with residential and nonresidential real property, land property, and incomplete construction projects
  • supporting more than 20 residential/non-residential floorspace conversion projects
  • precedential disputes with state authorities on illegal omission and duty to gain the approvals for a building reconstruction project