Divorce and property division

Family relations require a special level of understanding and professionalism on the part of the counsel whose ability to understand and manage all legal details is critical for fate of families and individuals involved. The lawyers and counselors of S&K Vertical have sufficient expertise and adequate personal qualities required for a professional resolution of conflict situations and disputes related to divorce and property division.


  • comprehensive legal support of divorce and division of property jointly acquired in Russia and abroad
  • representation in all courts including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on all issues of divorce and division of marital property
  • legal support in gathering documents and divorce registration in the Civil Registry Office
  • drafting marriage contracts and agreements on division of property

Our lawyers have successfully handled in courts:

  • more than 50 divorce cases dealt with over the shortest possible timeframe, including those involving foreign nationals
  • more than 40 property division cases regarding division of marital property exceeding $50 million