Litigation and arbitration

Litigation and arbitration are the key areas of S&K Vertical. We represent Clients in all types of disputes in arbitration, Federal Courts and Tribunals of all levels, including the Russian Constitutional Court, the Supreme Arbitration Court and the Supreme Court. We are carefully log the statistics of our victories and are proud to announce that over 10 years our lawyers have participated in 1,097 trials of which 913 were court decisions or settlement agreements in favor of our Clients.

We have recently initiated over 10 court proceedings in the following jurisdictions: the U.K., BVI, Cyprus, China, Ukraine, Switzerland and Finland.

We have also participated in the preparation and carrying out proceedings at several international arbitral institutions, including the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ICC International Court of Arbitration, the Arbitration Institute of the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland and the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce etc.


  • disputes arising from corporate relations
  • judicial recovery of corporate debt
  • bankruptcy
  • disputes over real estate and construction
  • commercial disputes
  • judicial protection of propietary rights of authors and copyright holders of patents, trademarks, computer programs and domain names
  • protection of business reputation
  • maritime disputes
  • tax, antitrust and customs disputes
  • disputes with public authorities
  • appeals of decisions of arbitration courts and their enforcement
  • initiation and participation in trials held in other countries
  • enforcement proceedings

Selected projects of our lawyers:

  • Representing the Clients when considering the merits of the case before the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on the constitutionality of regulations on confiscation in the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Representing the interests of the Judicial Department of the Russian Supreme Court on property disputes with companies and government agencies, including bid contesting and return of budget funds;
  • Representing Clients in a case filed with the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russian Federation, which has resulted in amendment of the Code of Inland Water Transport of the Russian Federation’s riverboat mortgage procedure;
  • Representing Clients in more than 300 corporate conflict lawsuits and claims as well as protection against hostile takeover related crimes in 25 regions of Russia;
  • Representation of Clients in more than 200 lawsuits and claims of recovery of corporate debt in favor of banks and companies in 15 Russian regions;
  • Claims for protection of business reputation against Russian and foreign media, government agencies, etc. in the course of several large-scale information war events.