Intellectual property

S&K Vertical has considerable experience in resolving intellectual property disputes and advising on intellectual property and registration of rights.


  • Client representation in the Chamber of Patent Disputes in the courts of common jurisdiction and arbitration courts
  • registration of intellectual property rights
  • support in negotiation and execution of R&D contracts, custom orders, software development and other contracts for allocation and protection of intellectual property rights
  • protection of personal rights of authors including remuneration for professional inventions
  • protection of intellectual property in the court of law to preclude the activities leading to breach of exclusive rights as well as the recovery of compensation
  • protection of trademarks, including in relation to the illegal use of the domain name identical to the trademark
  • advice on licensing and franchising agreements

Selected projects of our lawyers:

  • counseling and legal representation in a dispute around the brand names of Russia’s leading sports clubs
  • legal support of transactions with intellectual property rights on audiovisual works and legal support of producers in the production of audiovisual works with regard to a film included in the official program of the Cannes Film Festival
  • protection of the rights to use software including the unique to a particular industry as well as their modification
  • protection of the rights to receive fines and royalties by the authors and other owners of property rights to the intellectual activity and means of individualization including revenue from the sales of the product exceeding 1 billion rubles
  • challenging patents and prohibition of activities infringing patents issued to other persons
  • protection of the rights to terminate the use of the domain name; transfer of the domain name to the owner of means of individualization in over 20 cases