Environmental law

Over the past few years the Environmental Law has become one of the most important focus areas for S&K Vertical. Our law firm prides it self on being the key legal advisor for the All-Russian Nature Protection Society (NPS), which is the oldest dedicated non-governmental organization and one of a kind in Russia (established in 1924). The Partners of S&K Vertical are the members of the NCS’s Central Board and work closely with the field-specific departments of the leading Russian Universities and Colleges and with environmental specialists from various governmental and private institutions.
Use and conservation of natural resources and modification of the environment take on new significance. The State pays careful attention to legal measures that serve to control the environmental impact and environmental behavior of companies and individuals. Environmental legislation requires constant updating and systematization to cope with the pressing issues of the day. Foreign partners and investors interact with Russian production enterprises primarily based on their assessment of such enterprises’ compliance with international and national environmental laws.


  • advising in the area of environmental law and nature conservation (administrative law, criminal law), and natural resources law;
  • legal opinions concerning compliance with nature conservation laws;
  • advising concerning the matters of environmental concepts and drafts of environmental legislation;
  • protection of rights in courts and before environmental authorities in matters of alleged violation of environmental laws and in other related matters;
  • legal representation of Clients in the matter of acquisition of environmental action and impact licenses and in other licensing matters;
  • legal representation of Clients before Russian and international non-governmental nature conservation institutions.

Selected projects of our lawyers:

  • full legal support to the activities of the All-Russian Nature Protection Society;
  • full legal support to the construction, commissioning and operation of one of the largest oil refineries in the North-Western region of Russia;
  • full legal support to the ecological campaign at the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg (collection and disposal of oil waste);
  • advising on various matters relating to accidental oil spill;
  • participating in the development of a conceptual framework for the construction of a solid household waste treatment plant, by assignment of the development corporation of one of the Regions of the Russian Federation;
  • advising the members of dedicated environment committees within the bodies of legislative power of the Russian Federation on the matters of environmental law.