S&K Vertical has extensive experience in a comprehensive support of bankruptcy proceedings on the side of the debtor or creditors and in representing Clients in company bankruptcy litigation. We have participated and advised on more than 30 projects throughout Russia.

Selected projects of our lawyers:

  • representing the interests of crediting banks at all stages of bankruptcy of debtor enterprises with claims in excess of $200 million
  • consulting a group of banks on creditor's rights and remedies in bankruptcy proceedings regarding companies under the Russian Federation jurisdiction whose debt totaled $1 billion
  • representing the interests of the debtor at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings with the creditors' claims exceeding $200 million
  • representing Clients in litigation to invalidate reorganization of a business sector of a municipality;
  • representing the Client’s management bodies during a criminal investigation of deliberate and fictitious bankruptcies
  • representing a Client bank bondholder in bankruptcy proceedings of a commodity holding company
  • representing a debt-running major manufacturer of chemical products at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings
  • legal support of a settlement agreement between a debtor and a creditor with termination of bankruptcy proceedings against a construction company with claims exceeding $50 million


  • comprehensive legal support of debtors or creditors at any stage of bankruptcy
  • advising on bankruptcy strategies of enterprises and banks
  • advice on debtor in absentia bankruptcy
  • transaction taxation advice of companies in bankruptcy
  • negotiation and conclusion of settlement agreements
  • contesting debtor's transactions and recovery damage from governance bodies;
  • preparation and support of criminal suits of the Client to the debtor, liquidator or other persons
  • services of arbitration managers, appraisers, and e-bid consulting