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24 May 2011

Aleksey Navalny, the author of the high-profile Internet project RosPil who is already targeted in two criminal investigations, including the case of an outrage upon the Russia’s national emblem, told that he regards the presence of a deputy who initiated the checking procedure on this case in the State Duma as a real outrage upon the government system.

Some time ago Pavel Zyryanov, a deputy of “Edinaya Rossiya” filed a request with the Prosecutor-General’s Office, concerning the RosPil logo - a double-headed eagle, its talons gripping saws instead of the imperial orb and scepter. Mr. Zyryanov asked to find out, whether this logo constitutes an outrage upon the RF national emblem (cl. 329 of the criminal code of Russian Federation, stipulates that the crime shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of up to one year). Expert evaluation has confirmed the fact of intended outrage, and criminal proceedings were initiated.

Police called Aleksey Navalny for questioning and informed him that he will be summoned to appear as a witness since he was not the author of the logo: the picture was posted by an unknown user. Mr. Navalny said that he is not acquainted with the author of this picture, and that he feels certain that “the author of this pictogram is an honest man and a patriot of Russia who did not intend to commit an outrage”. He made an additional remark in his explanatory statement, as follows: “Addition: I regard the presence of deputy Pavel Zyryanov in the State Duma as a real outrage upon the government system of Russia”. Yesterday Navalny reported of the fact in his blog, having added a scan.

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In theory, the deputy could now file the lawsuit in court. “Zyryanov can file a lawsuit in court suit to defend his honour and dignity. To lay an action one needs at least to carry out forensic linguistics so to determine whether the statement made by Navalny contains any information which discredit honor and dignity of Zyryanov,” confirmed Vladimir Alyoshin, the lawyer of the law firm “S&K Vertikal”. He also stated that the lawsuit involving the logo of RosPil was initiated legitimately.

However, it looks like the deputy does not intend to conflict with the blogger. A Telecomblog reporter succeeds in contacting Pavel Zyryanov. He made the following comments, “I have already got over Navalny’s lack of culture. He just launches insults instead of communicating. The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on. I don't pay attention to such blog entries,” said he.

In his blog Pavel Zyryanov explained why he filed an application with the public prosecutor's office, “Any person who tries to teach other citizens how to observe the laws should observe the laws, too.” He also emphasized the necessity to respect symbols of the state in which one lives.

“When some Japanese radicals trampled down the Russian flag many people immediately felt indignant. It was right and logical. So why should we be silent when somebody outrages our state emblem, the symbol of the country we love?!” said the deputy of Edinaya Rossiya.

Aleksey Tsoy

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