Lawyer Azamat Khagov in project “Lawyer’s stories” broadcasted on 100 TV.

4 February 2011

Lawyer’s stories

It is up to you to find the way out…

The essential idea of this project is protection of legal rights and freedoms of citizens in everyday life, legal "educational program" in entertaining form of a detective story.

Each episode is a complete real-life story of a person driven into a corner and painfully trying to find a way out, whether it be a conflict (involving the protagonist), provoked by disregard of the law in daily life, or an event caused by legal ignorance, or a story of criminal intent. As a rule, the protagonist isn’t sure how to behave and what to do next, he is lost in twists and turns of real life and driven to distraction. A lawyer comes to his aid and corrects the mistakes, helps to remedy situation and advises how to behave in such situations.

Divorce” (video file mp4 12:35 min; 37.5 mb), 28.01.2011

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