The Managing Partner Konstantin Krutilnikov tells the “Delovoy Petersburg” as regards the strategy of the law firm S&K Vertical in 2009

20 April 2009 The market of the legal services depends on the position and state of affairs of the business itself, everything is interconnected. However, the consultants are more mobile in comparison to business, they improve their methods of work faster than the clients do it, and that is the reason why the changes are less painful. It covers our plan for 2009 to gain over the clients from the international law firms. Simultaneously we plan to develop the practices which are reasonably regarded as our strong points: international projects, corporate law, bankruptcy and arbitrage litigation as well as the criminal issues. Criminal prosecution are extremely painful for business, and our knowledge in these issues is particularly relevant. In the state of crisis the clients need the external consultants who practically solve their problems and do not sell the “merchandise off condition”. That is why we do our utmost to find legal decisions which make a profit or insure against losses (today it is particularly pressing) Konstantin Krutilnikov, the Managing Partner of the law firm S&K Vertical. Delovoy Petersburg № 69 (2881) of April 20, 2009

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