The May issue of the magazine “New legislation and legal practice” publishes the comments of the Managing Partner Konstantin Krutilnikov in the release “Mergers and Divisions”

8 May 2009

“The division in any business almost always is a matter of loss for the former partners. Is it a considerable loss or not depends on the conditions of the division and the further strategy of each of them. The main thing for the former partners is even not the further collaboration between them, but a peaceful division, preservation of respect and a coordinated ethics of further behavior. It seems to me, we have reached all this, so that no questions remain to be asked to our former partner.

Thanks to this we have preserved the mutual readiness for cooperation while rendering services to the clients. At that, S&K Vertical is willing to cooperate not only with the former partners. The legal services market offers the part-time and outsourcing services of the colleagues which are not so busy with work or for other reasons are interested in cooperation with the other law firm. We are practicing such collaboration and are always open for it with competent lawyers and law firms. It is evident that a cooperation of that kind may be useful for a lot of market players and not only in the state of crisis.

The strategy that was chosen by S&K Vertical brairds by now, having merely half a year behind our back since the division of the business. The traditionally strong points of the Green Corridor (practice in corporate law and international projects, arbitration and criminal block) are preserved and reinforced and some new directions appeared. Our objective # 1 today is to adjust rapidly to the requirements of the clients and to correspond to the contemporary reality.

Our former partner has focused on rendering complex services to a single client – a prominent timber industry holding which conducts its production activity in several regions of Russia. Experience in in-house work, close cooperation with top management and knowledge of specific features of business are the pledge for success of such a strategy, and many law firms exist nearby the prominent business and develop together successfully.

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