The Ugolovny Process magazine has published an article by Vladimir Aleshin and Evgeny Zholobov entitled The Nature of Corporate Raid in the Sense of Penal Law

5 August 2009

Vladimir Viktorovich ALESHIN, lawyer, chief consultant on criminal justice of a law firm S&K Vertikal

Evgeny Vladimirovich ZHOLOBOV, trainee in Vertikal legal consultancy of Saint-Petersburg Bar Association

The investigating committee of RF MIA has developed proposals aimed to make changes in the criminal law. They recommend to add two articles to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: 201.1 “Raiding activity – an illegal seizure of power to manage a legal entity” and 201.2 “Corporate blackmail” and to stipulate penalty of imprisonment for no less than six years1. Are these proposals adequate to legal reality?

"The nature of corporate raid in the sense of penal law". (pdf)

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