Lyubov Duyko on the most high-profile cases of the last year for RBC

19 February 2014

The main legal scandals and conflicts of the year collected by the Partner Chair of the Board of Partners of S&K Vertical law offices Lyubov Duyko :

Serdyukov’s shadow

The case of the former defense minister and his relatives is gaining momentum. It involves now more than 10 episodes of criminal activity of Oboronservis, including the ones with the military equipment located in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

It is known that one of the country’s largest construction companies with the St. Petersburg origin has been actively acquiring military equipment and engaging it in the economy. This case is the main corruption scandal in recent years and the results of its investigation will constitute a certain result of combating corruption.

Revocation of the license of Master Bank

As a result of the bankruptcy of Master Bank (license revoked on 20 November 2013) it is expected that there will be the largest insurance payment to depositors in an amount exceeding 30 billion Rubles. In St. Petersburg, the bank's actions affected more than 6 thousand depositors with an aggregate claim of more than 1 billion Rubles. The strict policy of the new administration of the Central Bank makes itself felt, and 25 banks have already lost their licenses in the recent time, and experts say it is just the beginning. The claims as to troubled banks evaded the main players of the banking community in St. Petersburg.

Любовь Дуйко.jpgPipe case

In October, the final charges were brought against the defendants involved in the so-called. "pipe case" that was expected to become the largest fraud investigation with the budget funds of St. Petersburg (the amount of loss was stated to be $ 3 billion Rubles). The case entails high-ranking St. Petersburg officials and businessmen accused of abuse of powers and fraud during the supply of pipes for main heating networks in St. Petersburg. Investigators believe that the pipes supplied were of inferior quality, which resulted in the damage to the budget and accidents on urban highways. It was reported that the investigation was initiated by the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko .

Conflict in Baltiysky Bank

In November Baltiysky Bank officially admitted the existence of a corporate conflict among its shareholders. Before that the Moscow City Arbitration Court decided to vindicate more than 49 per cent of the Bank’s stock out of unlawful possession of one of the shareholders.

The Bank’s assets constitute more than 80 billion Rubles. There are rumors that the city authorities are monitoring this situation attentively and that they will not let the conflict went beyond control.

Defrauded interest holders in construction

Over the last year a wide range of readers through the media have had an opportunity to monitor on a regular basis certain aspects of Sergey Polonsky’s private life, a portion of which has been spent in a Cambodian prison. But with time coming by the coverage of the entrepreneur’s life history has started acquiring a purely commercial color. It turned out that the personal problems associated with improper social behavior were actually accompanied by purely financial ones.

The information as to the conflict around the interest holders in the Kutuzov Mile construction project gradually took the main place among the discussion of various legal difficulties suffered by the businessman. The term "defrauded interest holders in construction", now a bit forgotten in the mass media, has started playing, thanks to Sergey Polonsky, with all interesting features of legal protection of the rights of the holders by way of multi-million arrests and extradition of the perpetrator.


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