“Changes to the word “USRLE”: comments made by lawyer Alina Vislobokova for the newspaper “Delovoy Peterburg”

3 September 2012

From 2013 onwards entrepreneurs will be required to incorporate data relating to their businesses into a new register, and for a fee. Commercial supervisor of the register will be assigned based on competitive tender organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The new database (to be established in addition to USRLE) was named the Unified Federal Register of Information on the Activity of Legal Entities (UFRIALE). Joint-stock companies will be required to submit quarterly reports to the register. Maintenance of the register is likely to be entrusted to the commercial supervisor.

Most of the data to be registered in UFRIALE, are already stored in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) maintained by the tax service.

One may make any changes to the information stored in USRLE at no charge (applicants must have their application notarized), while an extract from USRLE will be issued for a fee. In contrast, all the data from UFRIALE will be publicly available on a website, while one will be charged for entering any data into the new register. Tariffs will be set by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade - they promise to do it following the results of company tender for those bidding for commercial supervisor status. Moreover, to have their news published, a company should mail the said data as an electronic document bearing a qualified electronic signature (which is issued to organizations for a fee). Entrepreneurs are supposed to be willing to promptly register any information which may be important to their partners.

“The new register will promote a more precise and quick risk assessment based on an up-to-date information on potential partners,” says Natalia Kuzmina, a lawyer at the Rightmark group. According to Kirill Saskov, a lawyer at Kachkin & Partners, the registered data should be partly provided by government to companies at no charge, including data relating to change of address, directors, etc.

That being said, experts point out that the law does not stipulate for specific sanctions for non-submission of data to the unified register.

“Later on, Legislators will probably introduce an additional provision into the RF Code of Administrative Offences or extend provisions of the current article 14.25 On violation of procedure for State Registration of legal entities,” says Alina Vislobokova, a lawyer at S&K Vertikal.

So far, almost 56 thousand CJSCs, 3 thousand OJSCs and over 526 LLCs are registered in St.-Petersburg.


“Delovoy Peterburg” no. 150 - 151 (3647 - 3648), August 29, 2012. 

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