"The St-Petersburg Economic Forum on Business FM": Comments made by Sergei Slagoda

6 July 2012
RDIF forecasts: Banks in the XXI century

What factors can shape the new types of international financial markets? What new models are used by banks to provide for stability and prosperity on financial markets during the post-crisis period?

Banks in the XXI century. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Combatting against global financial instability

Economies of the BRIC countries. Which of the existing models of targeted state investments proved to be the most efficient and how can the BRIC countries implement these strategies in the next decades?

Combating against global financial instability. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Europe. Scenarios for post crisis development

European currency crisis. What measures should be taken to fortify confidence in the Euro and the European Union in general?

Europe. Scenarios for postcrisis development. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Nuclear power. A year after Fukushima

In what regions of the world nuclear power will gain the new momentum for development and where the influence remained unchanged? Has the global attitude towards NPP safety changed after the tragedy at Fukushima?

Nuclear power. A year after Fukushima. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Raw materials safety

Middle class undergoes a rapid growth: there are 3 billion new customers. What regions shall be in the epicenter, and what sectors of economy shall experience the main load?

Raw materials safety. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Cinema and IT Generation

Internet resources and social networks. Global cinema community is concerned with the growth of illegal downloads and distribution of movies. What is the actual situation in this sector and what measures should be taken to solve this problem?

Cinema and IT-Generation. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Russian Direct Investment Fund. First results of work

What results were obtained by RDIF up to this moment? What sectors and opportunities in Russian economy are attractive to co-investors of RDIF?

Russian Direct Investment Fund. First results of work. Sergei Slagoda. mp3

RDIF forecasts: Eurasian economic integration

Russia's accession to the WTO. Application of agreements of the Customs Union and Common Economic space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and their impact on trade practice.

Eurasian economic integration. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Free economic zones

Experience accumulated by over 3000 free economic zones existing in 135 countries of the world showed that more than a half of these projects are inefficient. What measures should be taken to increase the efficiency of free economic zones around the world?

Free economic zones. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Charity in Russia

In Russia charity still remains a tax evasion instrument? How to change Russian businessmen’s attitude towards charity? How to promote the development of charity?

Charity in Russia. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Pan-Asiatic markets potential

What are the main problems and methods relating to further economic integration of Eastern Siberia with developing Asian economies?

Pan-Asiatic markets potential. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Russian economy need for the foreign workers

How to solve the problem of adaptation of migrants? What measures should be taken to integrate migrants into the Russian society taking into account the real needs of specific sectors of the Russian economy?

Russian economy need for the foreign workers. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Health Care Innovations

Health Care Innovations. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

RDIF forecasts: Technologies and the future of media

Technologies and the future of media. Sergei Slagoda.mp3

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