The “Vedomosti” newspaper along with law firm S&K Vertikal held the II annual conference on “Legal services market: current trends.”

23 November 2010

The second St.-Petersburg annual conference was held on November, 18, 2010, which gathered representatives of major law firms, lawyer associations and corporate lawyers and aimed at discussing current trends at the legal services market.


Egor Noskov, moderator of the conference 

The conference was opened by contribution made by Margarita Gaskarova, editor-in-chief of “Korporativny Yurist” magazine, who delivered a report titled “Researches in the legal services market: past, present, and future.” 

In her report Margarita Gaskarova cited ratings carried out in today’s Russia, and explained why these ratings are unreliable and why there is a need for researches in the legal services market. M.Gaskarova provided the audience with information on the size of the legal services market for the last nine years. For instance, in 2000, the whole consulting services market was estimated as of US 250 – 300 million, while in 2009, according to AMIKO consulting company, the size of the market already made 110 billion rubles, i.e. the market grew by 8.2 % as compared with 2008. Consequently, one can conclude that the legal services market grows in tremendous rates, and this growth wasn’t even affected by crisis. Due to non-transparency of the market, these figures cannot be confirmed by documents and, consequently, one cannot make out the actual size of the legal services market in Russia, Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

Next contributor was Sergey Slagoda, Senior Associate of the legal firm “S&K Vertical”. He delivered a report titled “Professional cooperation of legal firms in Russia and abroad”. Sergey Slagoda told the audience that any modern legal business involves working in a competitive environment, and that establishing rules of competition in the legal services market and compliance with them is a platform which provides for a normal coexistence of legal firms in the market. Sergey pointed out that cooperation of legal firms is an important factor nowadays, since there are few firms with flawless practice in all the areas of legal services. 

In conclusion, Slagoda shared his own experience of conducting a legal practice. For report presentation, see here

Denis Kachkin, the managing partner of “Kachkin and partners” gave participants some advice as to how correctly position a legal firm on the regional market, citing St.-Petersburg as an example.  

Ruslan Agaybekov, the director for legal affairs of OAO “Kirovsky Zavod” attended the conference as a special guest. According to Ruslan, he is “on the other side of the barricade”, and engages outside consultants to work for him. Ruslan cited the situations when outside consultants are hired, what employment procedure he believes is correct, and many other things. When answering a question asked by a participant as to whether ratings are helpful when selecting a consultant, Ruslan told that he shall definitely use ratings, should any reliable rating exist, indicative of the most efficient professionals of the companies.

Next contributor was Egor Noskov, the managing partner of the law firm “Duvernoix Legal”. In his report entitled “Bringing consultants to responsibility” Egor Noskov told about potential grounds for bringing a consultant to responsibility in the case of unfair work, he also told about international practice of bringing consultant to responsibility and about the domestic experience in this field. Egor pointed out to the fact that insurance of lawyer professional liability providing for compensation for all the incurred losses is well developed throughout the world. To put this in perspective, in Russia almost all insurance companies do not insure such liability.

 In his report on the subject of “Criteria in selecting an outside consultant” Ilya Nikiforov, the managing partner of the St.-Petersburg law bureau “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasyev & partners” told about situations when there is a need for an outside consultant, how to find them, and how to built relations with the consultant and to organize mutually beneficial cooperation.


The speech made by Yevgeny Kovalev, marketing director of the law group PRINCIPIUM on the subject of “Marketing of the law business. New opportunities” brought the conference to a close.


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