Press conference themed: “Will a Hilton Hotel be erected at 5, Malaya Morskaya str., St.-Petersburg?”

27 September 2011

On September, 26, 2011, RIA Novosti St.-Petersburg hosted the press conference themed: “Will a Hilton Hotel be erected at 5, Malaya Morskaya str., St.-Petersburg?”


The investment company KESKO, which in 2007 announced their intent to open the first Hilton hotel in the center of St.-Petersburg, at 5 Malaya Morskaya str., is still unable to complete this project.

OOO “Morskaya 5” (belongs to Kesko company), has complied with investment conditions of the city, acquired all rights to all the apartments, resettled the building and leased its front part for three years. “Morskaya 5” spent over 200 million roubles to move all the previous tenants from their flats, to buy electric facilities and other costs. In 2007 the city governor has agreed for target allocation of a building at Malaya Morskaya str. to be reconstructed and converted into a hotel. Later on, when the company attempted to register the land plot under their ownership, some unforeseen problems arose. The building, which since 1833 was an integral whole, in 2009 was divided into two independent entities, namely, parts A and B, by order of the St.-Petersburg government.

Subject to resolution issued by the government, front part of the building (1.7 thousand sq. m.) was given to OOO "Delta". Thus two new legal addresses emerged, and realization of the project was suspended. In the course of proceedings which continued for almost two years, the investment project of over 1 billion roubles had been “put on ice”.

In the beginning of September, the Arbitration Court of Appeals hold a session no. 13, where Andrei Mikonin, partner of law firm S&K Vertikal, represented the interests of “Morskaya 5”. The claim was examined by court, and, as a result, division of the building was declared illegal. The building is to be reunited, and united technical record-keeping should be provided. The resolution of St.-Petersburg government concerning transfer of front part of the building to OOO “Delta” is subject to cancellation, since the building is deemed a single structure by the court.

Dmitry Bronstein emphasized that “The judgement implies that hotel will be built at this place, we hope that the judgement brought us nearer to project realization.”

Now, “OOO Morskaya, 5” received a letter from Hilton WORLDWIDE which acknowledges their interest in the project. The hotel management contract will be signed upon the receipt of administrative documents issued by the government of St.-Petersburg. The Project completion is scheduled by 2015.

Videoclip about the building located at 5, Malaya Morskaya str.

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