The Managing Partner of the law firm S&K Vertical Konstantin Krutilnikov gave a report in the conference "Urgent issues in legislature in 2009" arranged by the publishing house Kommersant

2 March 2009

February, 26 the publishing house “Kommersant” conducted the conference «Urgent issues in legislature in 2009» in the hotel “Ambassador”.

The subject of the conference was chosen no accidentally. The past year turned out to be considerably intensive as regards the commercial activity of the country. The issues of business conduction and development together with the companies’ operation in the state of new economic conditions were discussed by the participants of the conference.

The representatives of St. Petersburg departments of the international law firms «Salans», “Earnst & Young” together with the ones of the law firm S&K Vertical and Center of Tenants’ Legal Support, the Judge of St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast Court of Arbitration, the lawyers of the company Capital Legal Services – all of them took part in the conference.

At the outset of the conference the changes in the following directions of Russian legislature were under consideration: corporate and taxation legislature, tenure and real estate legislature.

The second part of the conference dedicated to the urgent issues of business conduction in the face of the new economic challenges was opened by the report of the Managing Partner of the law firm S&K Vertical Konsantin Krutilnikov named “Property protection issue in the state of crisis”.

Konsantin Krutilnikov touched upon the subjects of the fundamental property risks that one can face under the crisis as well as the prospects of hostile takeovers affected by new economic conditions.

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