The law firm S&K Vertical has conducted the round table discussion on the subject “Protection of the individual’s property rights in the state of crisis”

9 April 2009

April 9, 2009, the round table discussion on the subject “Protection of the individual’s property rights in the state of crisis” arranged by the law firm S&K Vertical was conducted in St. Petersburg specially for the journalists.

The journalists of the newspaper “Vedomosti”, publishing house RBK, St. Petersburg internet newspaper “”, “The Chief” and “Interbusiness” magazines and others together with the senior lawyers of the law firm S&K Vertical Evgeniy Zverev and Andrey Mikonin took part in the enterprise that has gathered the representatives of the leading Mass media of St. Petersburg.

At the onset of the meeting the issues regarding the influence of crisis on the litigation, the mechanisms of debts collection as well as the necessity to adopt a special legal act launching the mechanism of individual’s bankruptcy were under discussion.

“The mechanism of bankruptcy helps to throw off the burden of debts having suffered the “five minutes of shame” and endured the mostly essential sanctions, such as temporal ban to be engaged in business activity. It is clear that for those who are up their neck in the bank’s debts such a legal act would be a kind of a life buoy to catch at and to come out of the situation easily. That is why the adoption of the specified legal act is blocked by the bank lobbies and it is not included into the nearest future plans of the State Duma” – mentioned Evgeniy Zverev in his statement.

Further on the issues of imposing the penalties on the subject of pledge taking into consideration the changes in the legislature, the problem of legal regulation of the relations between the developers and lodging purchasers in the light of the crisis occurrence together with the other issues were revealed.

The second part of the round table was dedicated to the discussion.

During the meeting the journalists had an opportunity to ask the most striking questions regarding the problems under consideration.

The law firm S&K Vertical is planning to conduct the round table discussions for the press on the regular basis. The entrance into such an enterprises will always be free of charge.

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