The Managing Partner Konstantin Krutilnikov took part in the XIII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

5 June 2009

Under the invitation of the Committee of Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade of the St. Petersburg Government the Managing Partner Konstantin Krutilnikov took part in the round table discussion “Innovation policy as the basis for the anti-crisis program”, which took place on June, 4th , 2009 within the frames of XIII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The moderators of the discussion were M. Oseevsky, the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, I. Yurgens, the President of the Fund “The Institute of modern Development”, and I. Rodionov, the chairman of Svyazinvest, OJSC board of directors. The global issues regarding the innovation policy and its role in overcoming the crisis were discussed in the presence of the invitees, among which were the prominent persons of economic, political and scientific life of St. Petersburg and Russia.

Among the actual subjects of the round table discussion were the issues of innovation in the sphere of health, IT-industry and education, as well as the issues of venture financing and investment of the regions.

«The meetings of such a kind are extremely important for the active representatives of the community who are interested in Russia’s playing the leading roles in the world economy. Russia’s scientific potential and accumulated intellectual experience provide our country with the unique chance. The world crisis throws down a challenge and forces to renew the ideology of state policy concerning the application of the innovation decisions to it. One of the main objectives of the state in this sphere is to constitute the modern legislative basis providing the innovation process with all the possible support and delicately regulating it” – summarizes the Managing partner Konstantin Krutilnikov.

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