The newspaper ”Vedomosti” with the assistance of the law firm S&K Vertical have conducted the VI annual conference “Mergers & Acquisitions” that took place on June 18th, 2009 in St. Petersburg

22 June 2009

As well as in the previous year the conference gathered together the leading specialists and consultants of St. Petersburg in the sphere of M&A transactions. The statements of the participants were divided into two sessions: the first one was dedicated to the trends and forecasts of changes in the Russia’s M&A market in 2009 and the specific features of M&A transactions in the state of crisis, while the second session was devoted to the experience of concluding the M&A transactions in the pre-crisis period.

The senior lawyer of S&K Vertical Andrey Mikonin made a report in the first session. In his statement he gave a substantial analysis to the wide changes in current Russian legislature in force that occurred within the last six-month period and made a conclusion concerning the considerable increase of the Court’s role and correspondently the role of the practicing lawyers in the further development of M&A market.

Igor Eliseev, the member of the Expert Council at the Economic Security Interdepartmental Commission of the St. Petersburg Government made a statement about the results of the Commission’s work and revealed the main points of its activity and the procedure of applying for the Commission’s help as well as made the conclusion regarding the decrease of the raider threat in the crisis period as the result of its economic inexpediency being evident even at the stage of the raider’s budget formation.

In the second session of the conference the speakers shared with the participants their M&A experience in the sectors of financing, rail freightage transit and automobile retailing.

Summarizing the results of the conference one may confidently state that it was interesting by both: striking and useful for the practicing consultants materials of the reports and the opportunity to discuss the sore issues in respect of the M&A transactions between the participants of the conference.

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