The Kommersant Publishing House together with the law firm S&K Vertical hold a seminar-discussion on the subject of “Inspections by law-enforcement and tax agencies”

9 April 2010

On March 31 2010 the Radisson SAS Hotel hosted a seminar-discussion titled “Inspections by law-enforcement and tax agencies”, organised by the Kommersant publishing house in partnership with the law firm S&K Vertical.

The seminar participants included directors and top-managers of large-scale enterprises: banks, development, leasing and primary production companies, healthcare and trading firms, major international economic organizations.

The seminar was presided over by Alyoshin Vladimir Viktorovich, chief adviser on penal matters in the law firm S&K Vertical.

The lead-off discourse titled “Violation of law in tax legal relationship” was delivered by Nadezhdа Andreevna Belousova, prosecutor of department of supervision in the area of economy and nature conservancy of the St.-Petersburg Public Prosecution Office.

Then Maria Aleksandrovna Yermolina, head of directorate of field audit of the Tax Crimes department of the Central Directorate of Internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad Region has made a report on “Inspections of enterprises by law enforcement agencies. Review of federal legislation on lightening of responsibility for tax crimes”.

Oleg Viktorovich Kosatenko, the deputy chief of the 4 division of GSU GUVD (Main Investigations Directorate of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs) of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad Region and Aleksey Borisovich Vasilyev, partner of NKG FUKAU (Independent consulting group registered finance company of crisis management) prepared a joint report dedicated to issues of participation of law enforcement agencies in investigation of fraudulent activity, fictitious and deliberate bankruptcies as methods of non repayment of borrowed funds and credits used by unscrupulous debtors.

Vladimir Viktorovich Alyoshin shared with participants of the seminar some information on methods and forms of action used to combat illegal inspections of businesses. Alyoshin V. A. wound up his speech by proposing businessmen to establish a social organisation to protect their rights.

The seminar ended with contribution of Denis Sokolov, a prominent businessman, owner of the online store Internet - and Machiavelli chain store system who has shared with the audience his vision of state-business relations and also has told about his personal experience of relations with law enforcement agencies.

The law firm S&K Vertical thanks the publishing house "Kommersant" for highly professional organisation of the event, they also thank all speakers and participants of the seminar for interesting reports and questions.

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