Lyubov Duyko joined the “Ekspert Goda” award panel

11 March 2013

On March 6, 2013, the prize awarded annually by “Ekspert Severo-Zapad” business magazine was presented at the Astoria Hotel. 17 people were ranked as the North West Region's leading experts in diverse fields, while 31 finalists received honorary diplomas. This was the first time when many of them get introduced to a wider audience. Thus, organizers succeeded in discovering the new names in many areas of social life, which was the main goal of the event.

Lawyer Lyubov Duyko became an invited expert in the award judging panel. Traditionally, the judging panel includes up-and-coming leaders of the city: public officers, businessmen, prominent academics, cultural figures, and journalists.

The contest organizing committee accepted plenty of applications: over 180 entries were received within four weeks. The short list drawn after the pre-qualification (conducted by journalists of "Ekspert Severo-Zapad") contained 71 entry. In the second stage of voting the award panel which comprised of city influencers selected winners for each category. Some of category leaders were immediately determined, winning the great majority of votes. In contrast, other nominees got almost equal support from the jurors, then finally one contender won by a tiny margin. Moreover, in some categories there were an equal number of votes for each of nominees; therefore the organizing committee chose to let several people win the title of “Expert of the Year”.

 Dmitry Petrovitch Gavra and Lyubov Duyko announced winners in the category of “Public Initiatives”.

There were two winners in this category: Yury Yuryevich Grudin, Chair of the Real Estate Committee of the Consumer society of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, and Olga Andreevna Polischuk, Managing Editor of online newspaper “The Village”.

During the ceremony, contributors repeatedly emphasized that “the event showed some very interesting trends, in particular, an imbalance in the number of applications submitted for different categories. The category of “Social Projects and Charity” traditionally tend to have large entry, however, the nominations of “Construction and Development” and “Industry” were most popular this year, contrary to the early expectations of the organizers.

Source: “Ekspert Severo-Zapad” magazine

Regulations on the “Expert of the Year” award

Oscar for constructive people, “Ekspert Severo-Zapad” No. 11 (608), March 18, 2013

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