Lubov Duyko took part in a Christmas charity auction.

28 February 2013
A charity auction took place on January, 31 at the Saint-Petersburg Christmas Fair 2013 in Grand Hotel Europe

The Saint Petersburg Christmas Fair at Ostrovsky square is one of the largest international cultural and charitable events of the Christmas holidays in the Northern Capital.

The Christmas Fair is organized under the patronage of the Saint Petersburg City Administration and diplomatic missions representing different states. The charity auction is a final event of the Saint Petersburg Christmas Fair. For sale, there was a serie of The paintings named “Miracles of Saint Petersburg” paintings are being sold on the auction which had been painted during the Christmas Fair 2011/2012

Authors of these paintings are football player Vyacheslav Malafeev, peoples’ artists of the Russian Federation Svetlana Kryuchkova and Sergei Migicko, satirist Semyon Altov, meritorious artist Yuriy GalcevGaltsev, the members of the “Zdob si zdub” music group and many other peoplepersons.

Lubov Duyko bought the painting “Griffon from the Bank Bridge” on the auction. This painting is a result of cooperation of the Cchildren’s rights Rights commissioner Commissioner in Saint Saint-Petersburg Svetlana Agapitova and artist Natalya Shalina, an artist.

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