Lubov Dujko participated in the Forum “Future Petersburg” on its final day

27 November 2012
The final day of the IV Annual Forum “Future Petersburg” was November 19, it was held in the “Holiday Inn Moskovskie Vorota”. Organizers of the Forum were RBC Media Holding with support of the Centre of Strategic Development “Severo-Zapad”, Guild of Managers and Developers and BI TO BE Consulting Group.

World-famous urbanists and participants of large-scale city development programs were the guests of the Forum. The foreign speakers described how some large cities in the western countries had changed in the end of XX century and in XXI century, what stereotypes the architects have had to break, and what compromises had been made between different groups of city communities.

Russian speakers and experts of the Forum showed opportunities for realization of the development programs in Petersburg both in present and in future.

Lubov Dujko participated in the round table “Investments into development under conditions of uncertainty”, and later on in the final discussion of the Forum.


“Risk level in Petersburg development is repulsive for large long-term investors”. RBC daily dated November 27, 2012.

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