On the 23rd of October the last quarterfinal within the Project “League 1 Debate in Saint Petersburg” was played

25 October 2012
The last quarterfinal within the project “League 1 Debate in Saint Petersburg” was played on Tuesday, October 23, in the premises of the book supermarket “Bukvoyed” (Ligovsky Pr., 10). The subject of discussion was pressing as never before: “Human rights have priority over the sovereignty of a state”. The principal point at issue was: “To bring troops into a state in which human rights are violated, or not to bring?”

The referee’s board, in addition to the Debate Federation experts, included the following well-known persons.

-Denis Kotov, director of the “Bukvoyed” bookstore chain
- Mikhail Ilyin – a lawyer of “S&K Vertical” Law Firm
-Evgeny Chmutov, the head of program “You are an entrepreneur” in Saint Petersburg
- Sergey Borodulin, coordinator of Russian-Belarus round table “Intellectual Resources of Integration”
- Dmitry Bolotov – associate professor of Faculty of Foreign Relations of Saint Petersburg State University (SPbGU)
- Alexander Tsypkin, PR-director of North-West Branch of “Megafon” Company.

The subject taken for the argument is presently discussed in wide circles of society. The debate was held between the “Government”, on the one hand, which defended the draft bill and tried to prove that whatever theory of formation of the state we believe, any country has direct obligation to stand for human rights first of all; and the opposition, on the other hand, which argued that sovereignty of a state should not be violated, and any intervention leads to ephemeral democracy.

Almost all referees voted for the opposition. So they supported the idea of formation of a sound state only as a result of a long trial-and-error way, which the state has to pass through independently. Now “Kroshevo-Moroshevo” team can struggle for victory in the semifinal.

More detailed information about Debate in Saint Petersburg and online discussion is available on the Debate Federation site in the social network Vkontakte

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