Lawyer Nadezhda Mukhina participated in the round table: “Blogosphere: ethics, safety, professionalism”

11 October 2012
The round table “Blogosphere: Ethics, Safety, Professionalism” was held on the 4th of October, at 17:00 in “Benoua House” Educational Center in the context of opening the first professional blogging school “BLOGNOTE”.

The council of experts of “BLOGNOTE” school: lawyers, representatives of mass-media and business companies that work with bloggers gathered together to discuss standards and principles of work in the blogosphere.

Well-known bloggers and journalists: Oleg Kashin, Alexander Kim, Ksenia Burzhskaya, Pavel Smolyak, and the lawyer of “S&K Vertical” Nadezhda Mukhina made their speeches.

The subject of the round table was chosen deliberately: the matters connected with copyright protection have been the most pressing in the world Internet practice for a long time, as far as the very activity in the Internet always implies the breach of copyright. On the other hand, activity in the Global Network is subject to jurisdiction of Declaration of Rights and Freedoms, according to which “A man has right to freedom of beliefs and their free expression, including the freedom to hold to his(her) beliefs without hindrance, and the freedom to search, receive and spread information and ideas by any means, independently of the state borders”.

Vasily Puskaln, Chief-Editor of “Echo Peterburga” acted as the moderator of the round table.

Professional school of blogging is the project originated by the international printed paper The Printed Blog and “Benoua House” Educational Centre. One of the principal tasks of the school is to form a community of bloggers who generate timely and high quality content that can make an alternative to traditional journalism.

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