Andrei Mikonin, partner of S&K Vertikal, made a report at the annual conference of IAPL (the International Association of Procedural Law)

28 September 2012
On September 18-21, 2012, the annual conference of the International Association of Procedural Law was held in Moscow. The overall theme for the conference was: Civil procedure in the cross-cultural dialogue: the Eurasian context.

The conference was organized by the Faculty of Law of the Moscow State University and IAPL with the support of Association of lawyers of Russia, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Arbitration Court and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

Andrei Mikonin, partner and head of judicial practice at the law firm S&K Vertikal, took part in the section dedicated to commercial arbitration in Eurasia.

Other contributors to the session included Ivan Marisin, partner of Quinn Emmanuel Trial Lawyers, professor Valery Musin, professor Maidan Suleymanov and professor Evgeny Sukhanov.

Andrei Mikonin delivered a report titled “Jurisdictional limits of arbitration courts in Eurasia”. The report exposed problems relating to different concepts of universal equality and basic procedural safeguards in Europe and in Asia, in the context of practice in the application of the New York and European conventions on arbitration, as well as the need for further integration of legal systems.

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