The law firm S&K Vertical acted as a partner of II International Paralympic Tennis Tournament ITF MegaFon Dreamcup

1 June 2012

The II International Paralympic Tennis Tournament ITF MegaFon Dreamcup was hosted by St.-Petersburg in May 24-27.

The tournament was available for women and men, singles and doubles, as well as juniors (Russian juniors were given the chance to compete for the first time for ITF ranking points). 16 men, 5 women and 5 juniors participated in the event.

The final day of the tournament saw the last year's finalist Leonid Shevchik (Russian top ranked wheelchair-using athlete) competing with Albin Batytsky - a guest from Poland (number 2 seed in the tournament), which won the event, having beaten the Russian player, 6:2, 6:2. Natalia Bakhmatova from Moscow won the women's singles.

During the victory ceremony, winners and medalists were greeted by lawyer Lyubov Duyko, partner of the law firm S&K Vertical. “I’d like to thank the participants for their courage and will to live, because these are qualities we may sometimes lack,” she said. 

Uliana Lopatkina, People's Artist of Russia and prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theater, who participated in the closing ceremony, emphasized the spiritual side of such events: “I am glad to be here, to meet these people and to learn how to take it on the chin. And to understand that humans should not only enjoy their lives, but help others too”.

The event was held under the auspices of the Committee for Physical Culture, and Sport of St. –Petersburg, the Committee for Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism of the Leningrad region, and the Russian Tennis Federation.

Partners of the project: Daily sport newspaper “Sport Express”, data portal “”, information resources “Sport 812” and, “Perrier” and “Vittel” companies, the law firm “S&K Vertical”, sports club “GrandPalaceSport”, PTK holding.

Source: the Internet newspaper

“MegaFon DreamCup – a tournament for people with strong spirits”, sport newspaper “Sport Ekspress”, May 30, 2012.

“Sport is a great leveller!”,

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