The team of the school no. 79 trained by the lawyer of S& K Vertikal reached the finals of Moot Court Competition

5 May 2012
On April 28, 2012 the 7th Regional Moot Court Competition n. a. Prince P. G. of Oldenburg was conducted. School teams performed in the competition, they delivered speeches as prosecutors and defenders, stated their arguments and answered questions of the jury.

The team of the school no. 79, St. Petersburg prepared for the Moot Court Competition with the support of Nadezhda Mukhina, the lawyer of S&K Vertikal.

A training session was conducted by Nadezhda Mukhina at the school no. 79 to let students polish their speeches, hone up their oratorical skills and learn how to state counter arguments.

Nadezhda asked every student questions, so as to check whether they understand the case and whether they get the spirit of the applicable law.

Upon completion of the training session, the school team was advised on necessary changes or additions to their performance.

The team successfully performed at the Moot Court Competition and deservedly reached the finals, to be conducted on May 19, 2012.

From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate the team of the school No. 79 for reaching the finals. In particular, we congratulate Ksenia Mishina and Yana Rusa, who received personal praise from competition’s jury!

The law firm S&K Vertikal will provide further support to school students preparing for the finals of the Competition.

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